Veteran Crypto Venture Capitalist Predicts: Artificial Intelligence Machines to Take Over Blockchain Activity

Artificial intelligence (AI) will soon work its way into the crypto ecosystem and become a huge chunk of blockchain activity, according to a veteran crypto investor.

Chris Burniske, a venture capitalist and partner at Placeholder Capital with prior experience as an ARK Invest analyst, envisions a future where "AI agents" will dominate crypto networks, prompting the need to distinguish between human users and AI entities on each chain.

He anticipates remarkable growth in the crypto space fueled by AI, and he believes that in a few years, crypto network statistics may have to differentiate between MAUs (monthly active users) and MAMs (monthly active machines). According to Burniske, people have yet to fully comprehend the perfect fit of blockchains for the financial requirements of AI agents, but once the realization dawns, the growth will be astonishing.

Burniske likens the already existing bots active on certain chains to the "Neolithic age for humans, experimenting with early and basic tools."

While AI-related crypto projects have experienced healthy growth in 2023, a recent report from crypto intelligence firm Kaiko indicates a downtick in trading volume compared to other digital asset classes in the subsector.

"AI-related tokens have been losing momentum, hitting their lowest weekly trade volume since January."

Source: Kaiko/Twitter

Jul 30, 2023

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