Cardano Creator Charles Hoskinson Gives Big Vasil Hardfork Update, New Timeline Reveal

Cardano (ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson is giving an update on the highly anticipated Vasil hard fork for rival Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

In a new video update, Hoskinson says that major crypto exchanges are currently working on a new Cardano hard fork and that he expects more to come.

“So the next big step is getting the exchanges up and running. Binance is reporting that they are currently upgrading. By volume, I think they make up about 30-40% of Cardano's trading volume. Also, Kraken and Coinbase, etc. also tend to follow.

It usually happens that after the hard fork date is announced, you will see a large number of people rushing through. So what is likely to happen is that when we hit 75% of the SPO (stakes pool operator) gold and three to five of the major exchanges by volume, the top three or five are raised. leveled or in the process of upgrading, a hard fork date will be set. Then the rest of the exchanges felt the urgency and they started upgrading, and it was really hard to get them. They tend to need a little push for that. ”& Nbsp;

Hoskinson said that Cardano developers are making steady progress and that the hard fork will happen at some point in September.

“Things are moving very quickly. Extensive testing is still being done by the community and is still done by us. A lot of the integration work is going on behind the scenes, so all that infrastructure looks good. Hopefully, we will be able to work with the community and have a hard fork date soon. We'll have a meeting with SPOs here in a moment…

So it's going to be like sometime in September, unless something is discovered or we get a significant slowdown somewhere."


Aug 29, 2022

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