NEAR Protocol cooperates with Google Cloud to support Web3 development

Through a partnership with NEAR Protocol, Google Cloud will help developers build and scale their Web3 and dApp projects.

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NEAR Protocol cooperates with Google Cloud to support Web3 development

Last night (October 5), the NEAR Foundation announced a partnership between Google Cloud and NEAR Protocol, in an effort to provide the infrastructure for Near, Pagoda's Web3 startup platform.


According to the release, hundreds of projects on NEAR will benefit from this partnership. Google Cloud will provide technical support to NEAR grant recipients by providing the infrastructure for Near's Remote Procedure Call (RPC) node provider for Pagoda.

Launched in February 2022, Pagoda is a startup platform that gives Web3 developers on NEAR a complete set of tools to launch and maintain a Web3 or blockchain DApp project.

Marieke Flament, Executive Director of the NEAR Foundation said about the partnership agreement:

“We are excited to partner with Internet pioneers. This partnership marks a new chapter as we continue to provide the best support for the next generation of visionaries who are choosing to build on NEAR.”

Google Cloud chief digital officer Carlos Arena said his company's infrastructure will help NEAR developers "build and scale", and vowed to continue supporting "products" and new services on blockchain platforms”.

The agreement signed with NEAR is similar to the moves that Google Cloud has made with BNB Chain and Aptos for its journey into Web3. In addition, Google Cloud added a crypto-malware detection service and set up a team to develop blockchain and Web3 applications earlier this summer.

NEAR price has increased during the last 12 hours thanks to the above news.

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Oct 06, 2022

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