Solana Gaming Gets a Boost: Mirror World Labs Raises $12M for Sonic Rollup

Mirror World Labs raises $12 million to develop Sonic, a gaming rollup designed to transform Solana's gaming ecosystem. Learn more about this groundbreaking technology and its potential impact.

Summary: Solana gaming studio Mirror World Labs secures $12 million in Series A funding to develop Sonic, a gaming rollup aiming to revolutionize Solana's gaming ecosystem.


Mirror World Labs, a leading Solana gaming studio, has announced a successful $12 million Series A funding round. This investment, led by Bitkraft, Galaxy Interactive, Big Brain Holdings, and others, will fuel the development of Sonic, a groundbreaking gaming rollup designed to enhance Solana's gaming capabilities.

What is Sonic?

Sonic is a cutting-edge gaming rollup protocol that aims to unlock the full potential of Solana for game developers. It offers a suite of tools and frameworks, including sandbox environments, customizable gaming primitives, and extensible data types, to streamline the development and deployment of Solana-based games.

Solana's Gaming Potential:

While Solana has experienced success in memecoins and decentralized applications, its gaming sector has lagged behind. Sonic aims to address this by providing developers with a powerful platform for creating and launching engaging GameFi projects.

Sonic's Features:

  • Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) Chains: Enables developers to deploy custom SVM chains to support their unique gaming projects.
  • HyperGrid Framework: A rollup deployment kit that simplifies the integration of new game engines and virtual machines within the Solana environment.
  • Onboarding and Support: Sonic will focus on onboarding new developers to the Solana gaming ecosystem and providing support for existing game producers.

Sonic's Early Success:

Launched in March 2029, Sonic has already been deployed to 50 gaming clients. Three games, Mahjong Meta, Matr1x Fire, and Seraph/ActozSoft, have seen significant traffic and transaction engagements after incorporating the Mirror World SDK.

Mirror World Labs' Vision:

Founded in 2022, Mirror World Labs is dedicated to building Solana gaming infrastructure. Their focus encompasses all stages of the game lifecycle, from onboarding developers and gamers to providing comprehensive technical solutions. With a total of $16 million raised in venture capital funding, Mirror World Labs is poised to make a significant impact on the Solana gaming landscape.


Jun 18, 2024

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