True rumors of Mt. Gox is about to release 142,000 BTC to the market

Cryptocurrency investment community during the weekend spread information on the Mt. Gox is about to return Bitcoin (BTC) to its creditors, but this information is not accurate.

MT. What is Gox?

Mt. Gox is at the head of the history of the money code in the history of the money code, every time has to process that 70% block volume of Bitcoin transaction. In 2014, the exchange was tested to have been hacked, resulting in the loss of 850,000 BTC, worth up to $400 million at the time - an amount that doesn't stop even today and has left a "" traces of 'hard to erase' for the list of Bitcoin in particular and the crypto industry in general.

However, the Japanese authorities, Mt. Gox registered to work, was able to recover only 141,686 BTC, with a current value of up to $2.8 billion. In addition, they also hold about 142,000 BCH, worth $16 million. The entire amount is being held by one party and will be returned to users of Mt. Gox, often referred to as the building with the “debt floor” listing.

With the price of Bitcoin at the hacked floor from 300 - 500 USD, Mt. Gox refunding investors has long been considered a “slow bomb” for the crypto market when BTC value current is dozens of times that number. The high-end debit will also not keep the coin after receiving it because the legal battle with the floor has also been up to 8 long years.

Rumors of Mt. Gox is about to release 142,000 BTC to the market is it real?

By August 27, in the midst of the crypto market tumbling after its first appearance in a month, dropping below $20,000, the moving crypto community Mt. Gox arranges to pay investors, claiming there is new selling pressure in the market.

However, this information is not accurate. As noted by Crypto Fox News, as of the last update of the authorized party in July 2022, the owner of Mt. The new Gox can access the compensation system, read information about the refund process, determine whether you want a one-time or small-scale refund, and choose a return method (crypto or cash). ).

In addition, the guide does not disclose any timeframe for the refund and still has to wait for a decision from the Japanese court. The only one with an August expiration date that the principal allows the transfer of the right of compensation from Mt. Gox to another party.

Many creditors of Mt. Gox has also responded to the information about the payment arrangement on the social network, the board, outside of those licensed to operate above, they are still unable to re-enter the BTC/BCH address, nor have they yet. receive payment information from time to time.

The above incident is yet another example that crypto markets are very susceptible to computer damage, thereby creating fear when impacting prices. Therefore, investors should be wary of information without specific sources transmitted on social networks, should only follow news sites and have specific evidence to support the information.

Many people are left with the opportunity to process the ignorance and gullibility of many crypto investors.

“They will pay Mt. Gox shares the same week as the opening time of ETH staking locked after The Merge. They will want to maximize chaos. Time is from 6-12 month more. All things will be very interesting. Don't believe anyone. “
Bitcoin in the past 24 hours has dropped to $ 19,800, the lowest value drop since July 14, because of the news of the Fed chair's speech.

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    Aug 28, 2022

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