InvestAnswers Host Predicts 3,200% BTC Surge with Spot Bitcoin ETFs: Expected Timeline

InvestAnswers Host Foresees Wall Street Influx with Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval

Analyst Informs 447K YouTube Followers: Investment Titans like Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and BlackRock Manage Over $25 Trillion AUM

Source: InvestAnwers/YouTube

Analyst Predicts Potential 3,219% Bitcoin Surge with Wall Street's 0.5% AUM Allocation Post-2024 Halving

The analyst suggests that if major Wall Street players, including Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and BlackRock, allocate merely 0.5% of their AUM to Bitcoin ETFs after the BTC halving in April 2024, Bitcoin's value could skyrocket by around 3,219% by 2028.

Highlighting the potential influence of pension funds seeking profitable returns, the analyst believes such a modest allocation is feasible. If this trend continues annually, Bitcoin's price could reach an astounding $920,000 by April 2028.

Source: InvestAnwers/YouTube

Analyst Predicts Wall Street's BTC Buying Spree Post Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval

Citing insights from a senior BlackRock executive, the analyst anticipates the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF within the next three to six months, ideally before the BTC halving. BlackRock aims to capitalize before the anticipated surge post-halving. Currently, Bitcoin stands at a value of $27,715.


Oct 07, 2023

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