Binance: A rare incident from Binance exchange

The list of bad jokes accident yesterday continued to register the world's largest exchange Binance.

On September 16, each accounting error resulted in the loss of 4.8 million Helium (HNT) Binance – a popular decentralized internet connection project. But the floor has patched and fixed the problem. 


The Helium ecosystem has two tokens, HNT and MOBILE, which they typically use to reward hotspot servers and 5G Helium infrastructure operators. Binance mistakenly counted these two tokens as one and disbursed to users. Then, they took advantage of the loophole to "take profits" on the floor.

Helium said:

“We confirm that this is not a chain issue and is solely the responsibility of Binance. According to our investigation, no exchanges or other third parties were affected. We advise users to suspend HNT and MOBILE deposits on Binance until the full situation is announced.”

As of press time, HNT is trading around $4.18, a slight decrease in the past 24 hours. 

This rare incident is reminiscent of two other events that have been reported by FoxCryptoNews. On September 3, more than 900 users in Georgia took advantage of the opportunity, pocketing thousands of dollars "easily" because of Coinbase exchange rate error. Or a few days ago, accidentally transferred $10.5 million to a woman, instead of a $100 refund. But the floor is running after a lawsuit to recover assets, because the other two sisters have overstretched their hands, taking the money to buy a luxury villa. 

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Sep 17, 2022

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