Bitcoin (BTC) Predicted to Surge to Record Highs in Upcoming Impulse Rallies, Says Top Crypto Analyst

Leading Crypto Strategist Forecasts Bitcoin (BTC) Will Experience Multiple Upside Surges with Minor Corrections

Crypto Expert Credible Crypto Advises 349K Followers: BTC Unlikely to Dip, Risks of Missing Out High

Renowned crypto analyst, Credible Crypto, has shared insights with his substantial following of 349,900 on social platform X, signaling a warning for those sidelined investors anticipating a substantial dip in Bitcoin's (BTC) value. He suggests that waiting for BTC to fall significantly could result in missing out on the market.

Maintaining a bullish outlook, the analyst emphasizes that his confidence hinges on BTC maintaining a price above the crucial $34,079 threshold, which he refers to as his 'invalidation point.'

Credible Crypto emphasizes, 'If you're still waiting for Bitcoin to drop to $30,000, $31,000, $32,000, or even $33,000, you might be left behind. Unless we breach this level—which I doubt we will—those lower targets are unlikely to be hit.

Source: Credible Crypto/X

"BTC Set for Rallies with Minimal Pullbacks, Predicts $40,000+ Targets, Credible Crypto Tells Followers

As Bitcoin hovers around $34,985, the well-known trading strategist Credible Crypto predicts a series of rapid rallies that could push the currency beyond the $40,000 mark, aiming for new all-time highs without significant retracements.

Despite a recent minor liquidation event on a Sunday, Credible Crypto suggests that Bitcoin could see a correction towards $34,200 but maintains a positive outlook. He points out that this correction is a natural part of the market's fluctuations and does not necessarily indicate a long-term trend reversal.

Credible Crypto elaborates, 'The path to our previously established range lows is now open again, which is where I expect to see a momentum shift back to the bullish side... It's not certain that we must visit these range lows to complete the current correction. When I say 'doors are open to range lows,' it means that it's a healthy, potential target for a downside. While a reversal could happen before we hit those lows, if it doesn't, the range lows are the logical place for a bounce back. Any move to that level doesn't really alter the short-term bullish framework more than what's already been seen.'"

Please note that investment in cryptocurrency is highly speculative and the market is very volatile. It's important for individuals to do their own research or consult with a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

Source: Credible Crypto/X

Nov 06, 2023

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