The largest Ethereum peach pool in the world Ethermine blocks Tornado Cash transactions

Ethermine, the largest Ethereum peach pool in the world, is probably the latest name to block Tornado Cash, the foundation was "conferred" by the US Department of Finance earlier this month. 

Ethermine blocks Tornado Cash

Ethermine, the largest Ethereum peach pool in the world will no longer create a trading block with Tornado Cash, many Twitter accounts have been discovered from On-Chain and "alarm" in the afternoon now.



“Ethermine, the largest pool Ethereum, rejected transactions related to Tornado Cash last week. Some Mining Pool technicians have also confirmed this news and thinks this is the first time in history. With the conversion of Ethereum to POS, whether POS nodes are subject to government sanctions on smart contracts or not will still be a big debate. ”

But now there has not been an official notice from the project. The last Tweet line was posted by Ethermine on 07/08. & Nbsp;

Ethermine will not support ETHW after The Merge

Ethermine also confirmed that it will not support the FORK ETH PROOF-of-Work versions after completing The Merge is expected to take place on the 15th day. -16/09.


There are 228,121 miners who are active using Ethermine and create a total hashrate of 262.8 th/s, the website mentioned. Hashrate is a measure of calculation power used to secure a blockchain.

Many Ethereum peach pools have been trying to maintain the current POW consensus mechanism, because the switch to POS will make their expensive exploitation rigs become "scrap iron piles". Despite saying no to ETHW, Ethermine will continue to support the exploitation of Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ravencoin (RVN), Ergo (ERGO) and Beam (Beam).

USA "conferred" Tornado Cash

As Crypto Fox News has been constantly updated, the US passed the Foreign Asset Control Office (Ofac) to punish Tornado Cash on August 8. From there, regardless of the entity that interacts with this protocol will be paralyzed into illegal operation.

Tornado Cash is a "mixing machine" platform, allowing users to send ETH or ERC-20 tokens supported, then will mix these ETH numbers and send it back to the user, about, about The essence of erasing is almost completely tracing the transaction of the money to increase privacy. This is an open source project and completely decentralized, but the law is prevented only for bad purposes.

After the ban on the door, there was a long list of organization/platform to block the transaction related to Tornado Cash. These include the USDC Circle issuer, RPC & NBSP; Infura and Alchemy suppliers, Floor & Nbsp; DYDX, DEFI & NBSP; Uniswap, AAVE, Balancer, Walls & Nbsp; Oasis.App, ... Many platforms technology transmission technology platform Such as the host of the website, github, & nbsp; discord, the web host of the project of the Dao Dao community, ... also brought Tornado Cash and the blacklist.

And also this blockade command has made a debate about the new decentralization. We recently criticized that our husband was being changed badly and creating an open source software was not worthy of such a criminalization.

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Aug 21, 2022

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