The protagonist of the drama Avalanche asks the Court to withdraw from the Tether, Bitfinex, TRON and BitMEX lawsuit

In the face of strong public pressure, the founder of Kyle Roche, a law firm specializing in lawsuits targeting crypto companies Roche Freedman, immediately backed down.

The main character of the drama Avalanche asked the Court to withdraw from the Tether, Bitfinex, TRON and BitMEX lawsuit

Specifically, according to an application sent to the US Court on August 31, Mr. Kyle Roche has requested to withdraw from the lawsuit. Acting as an attorney in several lawsuits against many popular cryptocurrency platforms on the market today. According to court documents, Kyle Roche has filed a request to no longer pursue lawsuits against Tether, Bitfinex exchange, Tron Foundation and HDR Global Trading (which acts as BitMEX). The notice indicates that Mr. Kyle Roche has left the company's collective practice as an individual, which means that Roche Freedman can continue to pursue the above lawsuits without Kyle Roche's involvement.

However, as of the time of writing, all three companies that have received the most attention recently caught in trouble with Roche Freedman are Binance.US, Internet Computer (ICP) and Solana are not mentioned in Kyle Roche's application.

The move to withdraw from Mr. Kyle Roche comes just days after a series of evidence was spread on social media by Crypto Leaks, accusing the Avalanche platform of colluding with the law firm. Roche Freedman (here is personally represented by Kyle Roche) aims to "play bad luck" behind many rival companies.




However, in a statement shortly after, both the founder of Avalanche as well as the CEO of Ripple vehemently denied the above allegations, claiming that all the "play" of Crypto Leaks staged are baseless, profitable. use the market downturn to create more confusion for the community.


Until August 29, Kyle Roche himself also denied the authenticity of Crypto Leaks' post. He asserted that the videos were taken out of the ordinary, exaggerated context and that Crypto Leaks obtained them illegally.


However, Kyle Roche did not comment on the latest legal withdrawal. According to Crypto Fox News conjecture, after the shocking drama with Avalanche and more and more arguments and evidence in favor of AVAX, perhaps Mr. Kyle Roche has faced a lot of pressure from the community, which has led to this decision.

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Aug 31, 2022

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