US County Launches New Guaranteed Income Program Offering $4 Million in Aid

A new guaranteed basic income program in Washington state is set to distribute millions of dollars to American residents.

The Thrive Prince George’s pilot in Washington is a $4 million, two-year initiative targeting individuals aged 18 to 24 who have exited the foster care system, and seniors over 60. Participants in Prince George’s County will receive $800 monthly for two years without any employment-related conditions, supplementing any existing benefits they receive.

Funded by a mix of public and private sources, including various foundations and non-profits, the program aims to enhance financial stability and open up more economic opportunities for families, according to Prince George’s County. Thrive Prince George’s is designed to offer participants the flexibility and financial independence necessary for meeting essential needs, reducing debts, securing housing, advancing education, and improving job prospects, or allowing more family time by reducing the need for multiple jobs.

Local resident Phyllis Wright, supporting two teenagers on a fixed income, describes the program as a critical support system. It eases daily financial pressures, such as affording groceries, filling up gas tanks, and purchasing all necessary prescriptions without delay.

Dec 18, 2023

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