Altcoins Surge 60%: Trader's Prediction & Warning on Crypto Market Trend

Prominent trader predicts another surge for a low-cap altcoin that performed strongly in early August.

Analyst The Flow Horse Predicts Major Bounce for Yield Guild Games (YGG) Token

  • Noted analyst The Flow Horse, previously Cantering Clark, updates his 180,900 followers on the potential rise of Yield Guild Games (YGG).
  • The play-to-earn gaming DAO's native token, YGG, saw a 316% rise from $0.18 to $0.75 in early August, but now trades at $0.33.
  • Post-correction, The Flow Horse is optimistic about YGG, suggesting it might test its prior support.
  • He notes a pattern among coins market-made by DWF Labs, indicating a potential price increase.

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Source: The Flow Horse/X

  • Trader's chart analysis suggests a short-term rally for YGG, reaching potentially the $0.532 mark.
  • Despite the rise, The Flow Horse sees it as a bearish lower high setup.
  • On a broader note, he's skeptical about an imminent crypto bull market. Positive shifts might only occur with Federal Reserve rate cuts and Bitcoin (BTC) ETF approval.

Aug 13, 2023

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