Alliance of Solana Projects Collaborate to Launch Cross-Chain Messaging Platform

A coalition of prominent platforms built on Solana is working together to advance the Web3 messaging service by combining development on a new platform.

Solana (SOL) vs. Ethereum: Analyst Pits ETH Against One of Its Biggest Competitors

A prominent crypto analyst is examining how an emerging blockchain designed for scalability compares to the leading smart contract platform.

Lawyers involved in drama with Avalanche continue to withdraw from Nexo, Binance.US, Solana and Dfinity lawsuits

A day after withdrawing from crypto projects including Tether, Bitfinex, TRON and BitMEX, Kyle Roche continues to do the same with Nexo, Binance.US, Solana, and Dfinity.

y00ts crashes and delays NFT mint schedule – Is NFT on Solana overblown?

The highly anticipated NFT project on Solana y00ts has delayed the NFT minting process to users by one day, causing many question marks behind the hype about the collection during the past time.

FTX exchange pause ETH deposits and withdrawals on Arbitrum, Solana and BSC during The Merge

FTX has announced that the crypto exchange platform will suspend ETH trading on secondary blockchains until the end of the upgrade in September.

NFT activity on Solana suddenly exploded again when the market was quiet

NFT activity on Solana is really picking up again even though the sector has had a rather quiet period over the past few months.

Learn about Eclipse: The future of Solana VM-compatible rollups

Recently, the Eclipse infrastructure project completed a $9 million seed round led by Tribe Capital and Tabiya, opening a new future for blockchains built with the Solana virtual machine ( Solana Virtual Machine).

Despite some crashes, Solana (SOL) still has the potential to attract another 1 billion crypto participants - InvestAnswers

A closely watched crypto analyst says Ethereum (ETH) rival Solana (SOL) may be on track to attract an extra billion users into the digital asset space.