Bitcoin Faces Uncertainty As Bull Market Narratives Falter, Analyst Warns Of Pending Volatility

Bitcoin stuck in ongoing bear cycle according to prominent crypto analyst warning, extended volatility ahead as bull market narratives weaken.

Crypto analyst Nicholas Merten cautions extended Bitcoin bear trend ahead amid weakening bull narratives and tightening Fed policy. Despite optimism around Bitcoin ETF, BRICS, and bank runs, Merten sees liquidity contraction challenging prices. He warns upcoming volatility will grind Bitcoin lower, liquidating overleveraged traders. Merten believes macro uncertainty will drive correction across equities and crypto, with difficult conditions as Fed fights inflation. Key points:

- Bull narratives around ETF, BRICS, bank runs have fallen flat

- Fed tightening contracting liquidity, hindering Bitcoin upside

- Sees extended bearish price action and liquidations ahead

- Macro uncertainty to spur selloff across equities and crypto

- Bitcoin faces volatility but no immediate collapse

- Current calm precedes storm as Fed battles inflation

Overall, Merten cautions traders that Bitcoin and broader markets face increased bearish momentum as bull catalysts falter and Fed policy weighs on liquidity.


Sep 20, 2023

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