Synonym launches Bitcoin wallet app without 're-entering password'

Synonym, a Bitcoin software company, has launched a Bitkit wallet application that allows access to web profiles, bypassing password authentication steps.

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Synonym a software and services company revolving around the Bitcoin ecosystem. Recently at the PlanB Forum Bitcoin conference, Synonym launched a Bitkit wallet application capable of accessing flexible web profiles without having to go through the steps of re-entering passwords.

Bitkit is compatible with Bitcoin's Lightning Network and leverages Synonym's Slashtags protocol. Slashtags is a Bitcoin seedgraphic cryptographic for creating mobile web profiles, with automatically updated wallet addresses, payment options, and passwordless authentication.

Paolo Ardoino, CSO of Synonym and chief technology officer of Tether said:

“Bitkit is not a regular Bitcoin application. With Bitlit, anyone can take their digital life with them anywhere, bypassing the security hurdles of Big Tech and data custodians.” 

Currently, the Bitkit wallet application is available in a limited beta version for Apple and Android devices.

However, it is not clear how the application will be received by users or if it is really 'flexible and effective' as advertised. Synonym somewhat blows new winds to the blockchain technology market when it comes to breakthrough ideas. For example, when Synonym launched Pear Credit (a combination of Tether and Holepunch) is an open protocol that allows users to "centralize credit token issuance without blockchain". 


Previously, Synonym also launched Blocktank Instant, a service that allows transactions to quickly bring users into the Lightning Network (users participate in off-chain payments) by outsourcing technical and infrastructure requirements. floor.

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Oct 31, 2022

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