Bitcoin (BTC) Analysis & 24% Monthly Growth Update on AI Altcoin"

Crypto expert analyzes Bitcoin's (BTC) 5% decline over the past week.

On social media platform X, prominent crypto analyst Rekt Capital informs his vast audience of 351,100 about Bitcoin's (BTC) current price behavior. He identifies a significant resistance level at the $26,000 mark for BTC. Rekt Capital notes initial indications of this price point serving as a new barrier, hindering BTC's upward movement. Market watchers and investors are keeping a close eye on this pivotal resistance to gauge Bitcoin's potential future trajectory.

Source: Rekt Capital/X

On the same platform X, Rekt Capital, the crypto analyst, probes his 351,100 followers with a pressing question regarding Bitcoin's (BTC) direction. He inquires, 'Is BTC currently on a downward trend?' and further posits, 'Will the bearish BTC fractal manifest?'. Such queries underscore the uncertainties and speculations surrounding the digital currency's near-term movements.

Source: Rekt Capital/X

At the moment, Bitcoin (BTC) stands at a value of $25,767, marking a 0.7% uptick in the past day.

In Rekt Capital's recent 'Altcoin Watchlist' newsletter, attention is turned towards Fetch.AI (FET). This artificial intelligence (AI) altcoin has witnessed an impressive surge, registering a 150% increase over the past year. isn't just another altcoin; it is an innovative decentralized machine-learning network. This ambitious platform envisions amalgamating powerful technologies - machine learning, AI, and blockchain. The overarching goal is to pave the way for a truly decentralized digital economy. Within this ecosystem, the FET token holds value, serving as the designated payment method for transactions conducted on the network.

Rekt Capital delves deep into the FET's recent price dynamics. Even with a 20% rally in the preceding month, FET has hit a snag. A specific price level has persistently acted as a thorn in its side, serving as resistance for about two and a half months. Rekt Capital elucidates, "The scenario would turn exceedingly bullish for FET if it could conquer and retain the 'blue level' as its support. Successfully achieving this would potentially propel FET past the established 'black resistance' pegged at $0.36."

However, the reality, at least currently, paints a different picture. The 'blue level' hasn't yielded; instead, it remains a steadfast resistance. For a staggering duration of 2.5 months, FET has repetitively tried and failed to claim this resistance level as a support base. Each attempt has been characterized by an upside wick, only to be repelled by the stubborn resistance.

Rekt Capital summarizes the situation succinctly: "From a technical standpoint, FET seems entrapped. It's ensnared between the lower 'green box support' and the upper 'blue horizontal resistance.' Until there's a significant shift in this status quo, FET remains tethered to this range."

This in-depth analysis by Rekt Capital offers a glimpse into the intricate dance of resistance and support levels in the cryptocurrency market. As traders and investors alike keep an eagle eye on these developments, such insights can shape investment strategies and expectations for the future.

Source: Rekt Capital

Currently, Fetch.AI (FET) is priced at $0.244, witnessing a 2.7% decrease over the past day.

Sep 08, 2023

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