Elon Musk's Cryptocurrency Video Played on S. Govt South Korea's Hacked YouTube Channel

A local news agency confirmed the hacked YouTube account was restored within four hours of proactive intervention from the South Korean government.

A YouTube channel owned by the Korean government is said to have been hacked and renamed SpaceX Invest, after which the channel uploaded the videos. fabricated video of Elon Musk discussing cryptocurrency.

On September 3, the South Korean government YouTube channel was immediately hacked and renamed to share a live broadcast of cryptocurrency-related videos. However, the account was soon reinstated within four hours of a proactive intervention, a local report from Yonhap News Agency (YNA) confirmed.

The screenshot above provided to YNA by a lingo shows the compromised channel being renamed to SpaceX Invest and streaming videos depicting SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. The compromised YouTube channel ID and password were identified as the root cause of the attack. Google has also confirmed the compromise.

Sep 04, 2022

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