Global Confidence in Crypto Remains Unshaken Despite Latest Market Decline, According to New Survey

A new survey shows that investors worldwide are keeping their faith in crypto assets despite the sharp market downturn this year.

According to Bitstamp's most recent Crypto Pulse survey, which queried over 28,000 institutional and retail investors from 23 countries, the majority of countries in the Americas still maintain their strong views on the asset. electronic money.
“Canada is the only country to see confidence in crypto fall slightly below 50% in Q2 compared to Q1 among retail respondents. All other countries in the Americas see crypto confidence remain high, at or above 68% with countries like Brazil at 77%, Chile at 69% and Mexico at 70%. .
The US showed the strongest increase in confidence, from 61% in Q1 to 73% in Q2, along with an additional 44% increase in retail respondents who said they now invest into crypto, from 42% to 61% during the quarter. than quarter. ”

Investors in Europe and Asia-Pacific also expressed confidence in the nascent asset class. According to the survey, European retail investors who rate cryptocurrencies as trustworthy fell slightly from 54% to 52% while 66% of institutional investors in Asia Pacific said they will introduce digital assets to their clients. The report suggests that overall, global markets have been largely undisturbed by this year's prolonged crypto bear market, which has seen the industry's total market capitalization fall below $900 billion at a time.

“Despite the downward market trend, the results show that global confidence in cryptocurrencies remains unshakable. The percentage of retail investors around the world that find crypto trustworthy fell slightly from 67% in Q1 to 65% in Q2. There was a similar drop among institutional investors. Institutions: 67% still consider cryptocurrencies trustworthy compared to 70% in Q1.

Considering that in Q1 we are entering crypto winter, these numbers are inspiring and speak for the industry's resilience… Although confidence in crypto has dropped slight in some regions, but investors are taking this time to increase their investment or expand their knowledge of cryptocurrencies. "

Sep 03, 2022

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