HashKey is granted full crypto portfolio management

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission has granted the exchange of HashKey's asset management license to 100% crypto.

HashKey is granted full crypto portfolio management

The venture arm of HashKey Group, a financial firm focused on digital assets, was able to move 100% of its portfolio to crypto, after receiving approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission. and The Future of Hong Kong (SFC).


Accordingly, HashKey Capital has received a class 9 asset management license from SFC. The company is one of the few licensed virtual asset managers in Hong Kong, alongside Huobi and MaiCapital Limited.

HashKey Group President Dr. Xiao Feng said in the statement:

“The Class 9 license upgrade reinforces our commitment to advancing the blockchain community in Hong Kong and across Asia. HashKey Group is one of the early supporters of the cryptocurrency industry. We are dedicated to the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems, especially supporting and supporting the sustainable development of the industry.”

HashKey Group was founded in 2018 and has managed over 1 billion USD in assets since its inception. Earlier this year, the company raised a blockchain fund worth $360 million and used part of the fund to invest in prominent projects on the Polkadot ecosystem.

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Sep 13, 2022

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