Protecting High Net-Worth Crypto Investors in Canada: Police Alert on Fake Deliverymen Scams

Critical Alert: Canadian Police Warn High-Value Crypto Investors of Home Break-ins Targeting Digital Assets

"Police Warnings: Crypto Investors in Richmond and Delta Targeted by Intruders Posing as Delivery People and Authority Figures"

Authorities in Richmond and Delta, both located south of Vancouver, have recently issued alerts regarding a string of break-and-enter incidents, all displaying a distinctive modus operandi (MO) that suggests a connection.

The perpetrators, under suspicion by law enforcement agencies, have been gaining unauthorized entry into the homes of crypto investors by impersonating delivery personnel or individuals of authority. Once inside the residences, these criminals forcibly extract critical information, presumably private keys or seed phrases, that grants them access to the homeowners' cryptocurrency accounts.

The police have discovered that these criminals specifically target crypto investors with substantial holdings. While they suspect there might be more robberies associated with this pattern, not all victims have come forward.

Staff Sergeant Jill Long of Delta Police Investigative Services commented on the matter, stating, "The suspects appear to possess knowledge about the victims' significant investments in cryptocurrency, along with information about their residential addresses, enabling them to conduct these robberies within the victims' own homes."

If you or someone you know has been a victim of these robberies, the police urge you to contact them immediately, as your information could prove vital in aiding their investigation.

As of now, only one arrest has been made in connection to the series of thefts, as announced by the Delta Police.

Jul 24, 2023

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