Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin explains how crypto payments can be accepted by the masses

Ethereum (ETH) creator Vitalik Buterin said he considers the crypto asset a superior form of payment to mainstream alternatives.

The 28-year-old programmer said that using digital currency for payment not only prevents censorship but also is a more convenient method for international money transfers and business transactions, based on personal experience. his.

“People continue to underestimate how often crypto payments are superior not because of resistance to censorship but simply because they are so much more convenient. Big push for international business and charity, and sometimes even payments within countries.

Buterin says that he uses digital assets to support charities and academic institutions with limited or no connection to crypto assets.

“I have used crypto to fund mid-sized charities and academic institutions that are not affiliated with crypto. These are not large institutions that the average person has heard of, but are still important things outside of the crypto bubble.”

He said that the non-discriminatory and fair character of cryptocurrencies, a concept known as trust neutrality, could motivate more people to use digital assets to buy goods and services. & nbsp;

“I think the adoption and integration that makes cryptocurrency truly usable for semi-mainstream international payments ultimately depends on its trusted neutrality (which is resistant to censorship). browsing is part of it).”

Buterin's comments come as credit card company Mastercard and crypto exchange partner Binance allow more people to use their digital assets to make purchases. The two companies just launched the Binance Card in Argentina in an effort to see crypto payments go mainstream. & Nbsp;

Aug 25, 2022

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