Derby Stars Launches Official Build Launch Event for Gamers

Derby Stars, the horse racing-themed Metaverse game, has recently introduced its Official Build Launch event. This free-to-play and play-to-earn game genre has garnered significant attention with over 250,000 pre-registrations for the event, accompanied by enticing rewards.

Derby Stars Launches Official Build Launch Event

On August 7, 2023, Derby Stars announced the initiation of their Official Build Launch program, enabling gamers to partake in experiential activities and earn rewards.

Derby Stars is a horse racing game project within the Polygon network. During gameplay, participants undertake tasks such as breeding and training horses, enabling them to compete and receive rewards.

This event introduces several features, including horse training and breeding programs, a rental system, participation in horse racing, and PvP (player versus player) competitions.

Additionally, supplementary features have been updated, encompassing visual effects, dialogue frameworks, and more."

Rewards for Participants

With the Official Build Launch event, Derby Stars offers players the opportunity to earn rewards through the following tasks:

  • Download and install the game for the first time to receive a Gift box.
  • Complete daily tasks or participate in in-game events and races to earn one of two project tokens: DSRUN (governance) and CRT (utility).
  • Upgrade and sell horses.
  • Engage in seasonal horse racing events, each lasting for a month. Races are organized at various levels—local, national, and global—and players have the chance to earn diverse rewards.

However, participants should take note that as the Official Build Launch is currently in the Alpha phase, metrics like rewards may be subject to change upon the official release.

How to Participate in the Official Build Launch To join the Official Build Launch

Players are required to follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the Derby Stars website and download the game to your device here.

Step 2: Install the game for macOS and Windows operating systems.

Step 3: Connect your wallet and embark on the gaming experience.

Users can refer to an instructional video on game downloading and installation available here.

As of the present time, the Official Build Launch is available for desktop versions compatible with macOS and Windows operating systems. In the future, the project has plans to introduce a mobile version in Q4 of 2023, encompassing three languages: English, Japanese, traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese

Activities on the Official Build Launch

Derby Stars presents an array of activities within the Official Build Launch, comprising:

  • NFT Rental: A system for horse rental.
  • Single-player Mode PvE: A single-player mode in the Player versus Environment format.
  • Multi-player Mode PvP: A multiplayer mode in the Player versus Player format.
  • Breeding & Core System: Novel breeding and horse training activities.

Các hoạt động trên Official Build Launch

NFT Rental

Each player joining Derby Stars for the first time is granted a complimentary horse breed in the form of an NFT. This breed serves as the foundational horse, which may have undergone upgrades and training.

Moreover, players can utilize NFT Rental to lease higher-skilled and superior-quality horse breeds from experienced players.

Single-player Mode PvE

This mode enables players to interact and compete with in-game characters controlled by computer-driven NPCs (Non-player Characters) to earn rewards in the form of CRT tokens. Holders of CRT tokens can engage in player-versus-player races within the platform, aiming for greater profit.

Multi-player Mode PvP

Participants in the multi-player mode PvP activity can engage in direct horse races against other players and strive for victory.

Success hinges on the horse's skill set, stats, and attributes. Following each victorious race, the horse's value will increase.

Rewards distributed within the race come in the form of DSRUN tokens. Holders of DSRUN tokens possess the authority to receive additional items, breed new horses, or unlock advanced features within the game.

chế độ chơi game pvp

Breeding & Core System

Breeding activities empower users to meld breeds, creating customized horse variations. In essence, the attributes, skills, and stats of the horse can be influenced by their parentage. Horses with higher skills yield higher-quality offspring.

Through breeding, players gain the opportunity for more triumphant outcomes.

Additionally, the Core System mechanism enables users to enhance horse skills such as speed, stats, and more, by unlocking specialized devices known as 'Cores'.

About Derby Stars 

Derby Stars is a metaverse game, centered around the theme of horse racing, and marks the pioneering development on the Polygon blockchain. Engaging in this game allows users to breed, train, and compete for rewards. Beyond serving as an entertainment avenue, the play-to-earn and free-to-play model enables players to earn additional profits through in-game NFTs.

Aug 12, 2023

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