Proof-of-Work Layer-1 Crypto Project Bucks Market Trends, Soars 29% This Week with New Integrations

A Layer-1 Altcoin Outperforms Broader Crypto Markets with Nearly 30% Gain in the Past Week

"Kaspa (KAS), a proof-of-work blockchain, is currently trading at $0.0496 as of the time of writing, marking a notable increase from its recent low of approximately $0.0383 just one week ago.

This cryptocurrency, ranked 44th by market capitalization, has demonstrated a growth of over 3.6% within the past 24 hours.

Kaspa's recent price surge coincided with a series of new integrations this week. Notably, the crypto lender CoinRabbit has made the project accessible on its platform, offering KAS-backed loans. Furthermore, the crypto payment gateway NOWPayments has successfully integrated Kaspa into its platform.

In addition to these developments, the cryptocurrency mining platform Antpool introduced a dedicated Kaspa mining pool the previous week.

Kaspa aims to provide high block creation and transaction speeds without compromising security and decentralization, which are common challenges for faster blockchain networks. It achieves this through BlockDAG technology, enabling Kaspa to generate multiple blocks per second, thereby facilitating near-instant transaction processing.

The project also emphasizes its support for solo miners, enabling individuals to compete independently in mining activities, a feature that sets it apart. As explained by Kaspa:

"Kaspa is currently the fastest proof-of-work, mineable coin while remaining decentralized. The blockDAG architecture with rapid block rates allows more mining decentralization and enables effective solo mining at lower hashrates... In solo mining, individual miners compete with each other to solve the puzzle and earn the reward. However, the odds of successfully solving the puzzle are low, especially with the increasing difficulty of the network."

Sep 17, 2023

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