Analytics Firm Santiment Identifies Five Underrated Altcoins with Potential for Significant Growth

Crypto analytics company Santiment highlights five altcoins with potential for unprecedented growth opportunities.

"Analytics firm Santiment identifies several altcoins that are showing "subtle positive momentum." Some of these lesser-known crypto assets are approaching zones indicating they might be undervalued.

  • DODO: This token, representing the on-chain liquidity hub with the same name, currently trades at $0.106. As the 309th-ranked asset by market cap, it's seen a decline of over 4% in the last day.

  • MASK: This Ethereum (ETH)-based token represents the governance of Mask DAO, a decentralized platform giving users blockchain capabilities atop existing social platforms. Currently, MASK sits at $2.59 and, as the 146th-ranked asset, has decreased by 0.19% over the day.

  • MAGIC: Representing the decentralized gaming ecosystem, Treasure, MAGIC trades at $0.501. As the 206th-ranked crypto by market cap, it's down almost 2% in the past 24 hours.

  • GALA: This token belongs to the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem with its namesake. Currently ranked 86th by market cap, it trades at about $0.0158 and has fallen close to 2% over the day.

  • SRM: This token, representing the decentralized derivatives exchange, Serum, stands highest on Santiment’s opportunity list. As the 801st-ranked asset, it's priced around $0.0335, witnessing a decline of over 3% in the past day."

By spotlighting these assets, Santiment provides insight into potential undervalued opportunities in the crypto space.

Sep 08, 2023

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