Polygon partners with an ocean awareness NGO

Yesterday (October 6, 2022), Polygon announced a partnership with the Ocean Conservation Education and Exploration Foundation (OCEEF), to increase user awareness.

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Polygon partners with an ocean awareness NGO

Users can now explore the RV Odyssey – one of the most advanced ocean research vessels in the world – through innovative metaverse initiatives and new forms of entertainment.


Polygon shares the purpose of this partnership to provide an engaging, interactive experience where participants can make important decisions around RV Odyssey using immersive and interactive metaverse experiences.

Participants play an important role in determining the ship's research journey as well as participating in other metaverse and Web3 missions.

At the Green Blockchain 2.0 Summit hosted by Polygon, OCEEF founder Alex Moukas said:

“Having established a partnership with Polygon and using their carbon-neutral technology as a launch pad, we will democratize access to Web3 and provide participants with journey and research decision-making capabilities. save the future of the project.”

Besides, student groups are also welcome and have the opportunity to receive funding from OCEEF. In July, Polygon committed to making its blockchain greener by the end of the year and earmarked $20 million for climate-related projects. Since then, Polygon has achieved carbon neutrality, removing 104,794 tonnes of greenhouse gases, more than the entire network of CO2 generated since its inception.

In addition, the agreement signed with Starbucks is also a notable recent partnership of Polygon. Accordingly, the famous coffee shop chain in Western countries has chosen Polygon as the unit to build its NFT-based reward system.

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Oct 07, 2022

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