Sergey Nazarov:This is the Ultimate Goal for Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) creator Sergey Nazarov is detailing his vision for the future of the decentralized oracle network, as well as the future of the crypto industry as a whole.

Sergey Nazarov:This is the Ultimate Goal for Chainlink (LINK)

In a new interview with Bankless, Nazarov said that the crypto industry is still in its early days.

He points to Chainlink's success in bringing real-world data to decentralized networks as just the beginning.

“I think that tokens and ownership, whether they are equity tokens or utility tokens or NFT tokens (non-fungible tokens), only is the beginning. Our goal with the Chainlink network is to upgrade things, and I'm very proud that we've had a big impact on that, in DeFi insurance (decentralized finance) and the anti-cheat game, in the marketplace. carbon credits market - several locations."

Nazarov said his ultimate vision for Chainlink and the industry is to provide an open source, decentralized platform that is accessible to everyone. and software-based trust companies without a middleman

“If you look at the percentage of applications running in the oracle network compared to the percentage running on the chain, then those percentages seem more and more equal, meaning oracle networks are continuing to provide more and more value, whether that value is passing tokens, passing messages between chains , send data, perform computations, provide randomness, provide identity information in a privacy-preserving manner - there is a very large and growing range of computations. g increase should be minimized the reliability…

To keep it really short, our goal is to build a world powered by truth by moving all the applications in the world to a state of reduced trust. So we want things to be trust-mitigated, and I feel that the Chainlink network creates the infrastructure that allows that transition to happen, along with other critical infrastructure in our industry. me like Ethereum, many other chains, etc. "

Sep 07, 2022

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