Starbucks partners with Polygon to build NFT rewards system

The famous coffee shop chain in Western countries, Starbucks, said it chose Polygon as the unit to build its NFT-based reward system.

Starbucks partners with Polygon to build NFT rewards system

According to an announcement posted on the evening of September 12, Starbucks said that customers can now join the queue to sign up for Starbucks Odyssey, the crypto-based reward points solution that has been cherished by the coffee chain since the beginning of time. long.

Starbucks Odyssey is a rewards program for longtime customers in the US market, allowing them to receive and buy and sell collectibles in the form of NFTs. The program is expected to be launched at the end of 2022.

In particular, Starbucks revealed that it has chosen Polygon as its NFT technology support platform, praising the blockchain for providing a fast, fee-free transaction solution. cheap and especially greenhouse emissions up to 99% lower than competitors.


Starbucks Chief Marketing Officer Ryan Butz commented:

“Building Starbucks Odyssey using technology that reflects our commitment to sustainability is one of our top focuses. We researched which blockchain to use and found that Polygon's fast, low-fee and carbon-neutral network is the perfect foundation for our digital community."

Similarly, Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal also expressed pride in the partnership between the two sides:

“Polygon is a natural choice for Starbucks because both companies value as much as possible. importance of diversity, accessibility and sustainability. As a leading infrastructure player that enables users to collaborate and deliver value globally, Polygon is the ideal launchpad for Starbucks to enter the world of Web3.”

As such, Starbucks has become the latest major brand to join the ranks of companies that have chosen Polygon to support their NFT solution, including Reddit, Facebook/Instagram, Adobe, Stripe and Dolce Gabbana .

However, the MATIC token price did not have much reaction to the news when it only increased slightly by 2% amid the entire crypto market surging ahead of The Merge event and the US CPI announcement in August.

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Sep 12, 2022

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