Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong says crypto regulation is a national security Issue

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong believes crypto regulation is a matter of US national security.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong says crypto regulation is a national security Issue

Armstrong said that it is important for the United States to adopt crypto standards that encourage national innovation.

“The US has missed out on semiconductors and 5G, which are now largely manufactured abroad. You also can't afford to let crypto go abroad (in all countries, by the way). 

App regulation has a terrifyingly scary impact and the rhetoric is important: we've seen a lot of crypto talent, asset issuers and startups going offshore. .

Coinbase is a global company, but we are based in the US and will fight to make sure crypto succeeds here for everyone. It is too important for America and the free world."

Coinbase has recently taken a more aggressive approach in informing its users about the position of US politicians on crypto-related issues.

The digital asset exchange recently integrated a crypto education initiative into its app to allow customers to see which country legislators support cryptocurrencies based on statements publicity they made. It also allows them to register to vote and learn about local town hall events.

Armstrong said that Coinbase plans to actively participate in the election process.

“From time to time, we want to help pro-crypto candidates raise donations from the crypto community (in crypto). We will also expand to include broader geographic coverage in global elections and additional data on the different candidates running for office (not just current elected officials).”

Sep 22, 2022

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