CZ Binance claims to "break the law", will speak more about competitors and is not afraid to "war of words"

Binance CEO CZ claims to be more vocal about the issues he sees in the industry, and won't be afraid to "speak up" if it's necessary.

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Last week was the “worst” week in the history of the crypto industry, as the community witnessed the collapse of FTX.

It all started with the "back and forth" between the CEO of Binance CZ and the former CEO of FTX SBF, making many people believe in the "conspiracy theory" that CZ was the "behind the scenes" that sparked it all.

For its part, CZ once predicted that the current crisis could get worse and, to this day, continues to make a bold statement about the competition in the industry.

CZ said he will break the “law not to comment publicly on competitors”, in the future he will comment more on rival exchanges.

The CEO of Binance does not see other exchanges as “rivals” but as “colleagues” in the industry. So far, he has rarely publicly criticized or "talked" about other exchanges – except, of course, with the recent case with FTX.

CZ shared:


The above post was first made by the CEO of Binance in July 2022, when he and FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried fought over the issue of rescuing struggling crypto companies.


“In the future, I will break the rules a bit and boldly comment on the issues I see in the industry.

I know this will create a lot of “war of words” or mocking memes from the community. But I don't mind. I just want to reduce the risk to the whole industry, even if it's a false alarm."

Speaking of “false alarms”, in a rare mention of a DeFi project, CZ claimed Uniswap was “hacked”, but it turned out to be a “false alarm”.

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Nov 13, 2022

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