Prominent Crypto Analyst Forecasts Massive Bitcoin Pump and Ethereum-Based DeFi Altcoin Surge - Don't Miss His Projections!

Renowned Crypto Analyst Anticipates Bitcoin (BTC) to Experience a Massive Pump - Patience Could Be Key, Investors Take Note!

"Pseudonymous Analyst Credible Crypto Foresees $10,000+ Monthly Candles for BTC - Short-term Dip Could Delay Major Move Up"

Credible Crypto, a well-followed analyst with 343,400 Twitter followers, shares his bullish predictions for Bitcoin (BTC). He anticipates the potential for BTC to witness impressive monthly candles surpassing $10,000.

However, the trader issued a warning on Monday evening, indicating that a possible Bitcoin price dip to $29,100 might temporarily postpone the cryptocurrency's significant upward movement. On Tuesday morning, BTC experienced a drop to around $29,064 before stabilizing at $29,105 at the time of writing.

Despite the short-term dip, Credible remains optimistic, stating, "We just have to be a little more patient. This doesn’t change anything on the higher timeframes, just a pause in lower timeframe bullish momentum."

In addition to BTC, the analyst expresses bullish sentiments towards the decentralized finance (DeFi) altcoin, Curve (CRV). Credible highlights that many short positions on CRV are currently in the red. He predicts one more upward push to conclude the first impulse, followed by a potential pullback to the mid $0.50's. Should the altcoin maintain its position and produce another upward impulse, Credible confirms the bottom to be established.

As investors seek strategic opportunities, Credible Crypto's insights offer valuable guidance in navigating the crypto market and its potential for impressive gains.

Source: Credible Crypto/X

"DeFi Altcoin CRV: Presently Trading at $0.578, Showcasing Strong Potential as the 83rd Ranked Crypto Asset with Market Cap - Down 3.7% in 24 Hours"

Stay updated with CRV's current trading price of $0.578, a compelling DeFi altcoin ranked 83rd by market cap. While experiencing a slight 3.7% decrease in the past 24 hours, its market potential remains promising for investors looking to capitalize on the dynamic crypto landscape.

the past 24 hours.

Aug 03, 2023

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