Rainbow Bridge is the target of hackers for the second time

In May 2022, the Rainbow Bridge was once the target of hacker attacks. Also over the weekend, this is the destination of hackers, but the result this time is still bitter for the attacker.


Tonight (August 22), Aurora CEO Alex Shevchenko's account posted a tweet related to the attack targeting

on the Rainbow Bridge attack during the weekend TL; DR: similar to May attack; no user funds lost; attack was mitigated automatically within 31 seconds; attacker lost 5 ETH. pic.twitter.com/clnE2l8Vgz

— Alex Shevchenko (@AlexAuroraDev) August 22, 2022


This CEO explains, because the structure has no middle unit (Trustless), so it won't There is no third party to interfere in the data transmission between the two bridgeheads. What the infrastructure does, is interact with the contract of this bridge, to implement the process of transferring assets Cross-chain.

However, since the clients on the NEAR blockchain will be the ones to directly interact with the contracts to move assets, this becomes an attack point for the bad guys, when false information can be downloaded. up for the purpose of making illicit profits.

5/15 Over the weekend an attacker submitted a fabricated NEAR block to the Rainbow Bridge contract: https://t.co/EtZkeewOzT During a transaction, a safe deposit of 5 ETH was required.

— Alex Shevchenko (@AlexAuroraDev) August 22, 2022


“Over the weekend, an attacker sent a “well-prepared” block on Near’s platform to a Rainbow Bridge contract. . This operation requires a minimum deposit of about 5 ETH. However, the management bots recognized this suspicious operation and then refused to attach the above transaction. Because of this, the attacker lost the 5 ETH deposit to the aforementioned contract.”

Aurora's CEO also shared that this attack is similar to the incident that took place in early May 2022, causing hackers to also suffer damage during the attack on the bridge's platform.

Also according to the above tweet, the user's assets are not affected at all.

Cross-chain has long become a lucrative bait for hackers, not only because the asset value on the bridges is usually very large, but also because of the "easily spread" feature between many chains. difference.

To learn about the risks as well as why cross-chain has not yet taken the development steps worthy of its potential, readers can immediately read the article below.

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Aug 22, 2022

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