Bitcoin and Ethereum price targets by Anthony Scaramucci, Algorand update

Bitcoin and Ethereum price targets are the focus of SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci. He reveals his predictions for the two cryptocurrencies in a CNBC interview.

Bitcoin and Ethereum price targets are revealed by SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci in an Altcoin Daily interview. He also shares his bullish outlook on Algorand (ALGO), a smart contract platform.

He expects Bitcoin to reach $100,000 within a year after the next halving event, which is scheduled for April 2024. He says that the demand, the cycle, and the miners are favorable for Bitcoin, and that there might be some interest rate relief. He compares this 3x increase to the technological innovations that have happened before.

He also predicts Ethereum to rise by more than 185% from its current value of $1,576 in the same time frame. He says that he has a position in Ethereum, which he considers a great utility with improved speeds and layer-2 solutions. He thinks that Ethereum is maturing as a platform.

Finally, he expresses his optimism about Algorand, which he invested $10 million in. He regrets that he was wrong about Algorand reaching $5 when it was $1. He says that Algorand is now trading at $0.092, but he believes it can go up to $0.30 as it develops and attracts more corporations.


Oct 18, 2023

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