Solana (SOL) Liquidity Layer Project Skyrockets Over 63% This Week with Exciting New DApps in the Ecosystem

In the last week, a Solana (SOL) based liquidity layer project has surged by over 63%, driven by the rapid expansion of its decentralized apps (DApps) ecosystem.

At the time of writing, HXRO (HXRO) is currently trading at approximately $0.195, representing a significant increase from its value of about $0.119 just one week ago.

Despite a recent 5% decrease in the last 24 hours, HXRO, ranked 243rd by market cap, maintains its position as an on-chain liquidity layer for derivatives and betting applications on the blockchain.

This week, the project made an exciting announcement regarding PepperDEX, a decentralized exchange offering on-chain perpetuals and expiring futures trading. PepperDEX will leverage the HXRO protocol to power its operations, further strengthening the HXRO ecosystem.

Daniel Gunsberg, co-founder, and CEO of HXRO, shared another milestone on Twitter, revealing that the project's DApp, UpDown, is about to be integrated into a major iGaming operator's website. This marks a groundbreaking moment as major online casino operators embrace true web3 applications, integrating them as content. UpDown is fully powered by the HXRO parimutuel protocol, and more such integrations are expected to emerge on popular casino sites in the near future, all thanks to HXRO's technology.

Despite the recent gains, it's important to note that HXRO is still down by over 75% from its all-time high of over $0.80, which it reached back in June 2021. The team and investors continue to work towards the growth and development of the project, making strides in the decentralized finance sector.

Jul 23, 2023

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