Spain's largest telecom company integrates crypto payments

Telefónica, Spain's largest telecommunications unit, integrates cryptocurrency payments for its technology products. 

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Telefónica, the Spanish telecom giant valued at $19 billion, is allowing customers to use cryptocurrency to shop on the technology marketplace 


The move is the result of a cooperation agreement between Telefónica and Bit2Me. The company has also invested in Bit2Me and will announce details of the deal in the coming weeks. Bit2Me is Spain's largest crypto exchange, with an average daily volume of 6,453 BTC, or nearly $126 million at the moment, according to CoinMarketCap.

Earlier, the Spanish telecom company launched its own NFT marketplace on the Polygon blockchain and integrated with MetaMask. Telefónica recently partnered with Qualcomm to develop an augmented reality platform called SnapDragon Spaces to explore the metaverse segment of products and services. Back in history, Telefonica once implemented an experiment that allowed users to transact personal data on the blockchain.


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Sep 30, 2022

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