Crypto Titan Coinbase Says It Will Open To Any Ethereum PoW Fork After Highly Predicted Consolidation

Leading US crypto exchange Coinbase says it is ready to support any legal proof-of-work (PoW) fork of Ethereum (ETH) following the highly anticipated Consolidation event scheduled for Oct. September.

Coinbase says that it wants to look at each future Ethereum fork on an individual basis.

“Coinbase is committed to fully supporting the upgraded Ethereum PoS (proof of stake) chain after The Merge.

At Coinbase, our goal is to list every legal and safe asset. We will evaluate any ETH tokens following The Merge on a case-by-case basis in line with our standard asset listing policies.

Rest assured, all potential Ethereum tokens, including PoW fork, will go through the same rigorous listing review process that is done for any other assets listed. on our exchange. Late last month, in an interview with Lex Fridman, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that the goal of the crypto exchange is ultimately to list as many tokens as possible. fine, as long as they meet the company's standards for security, compliance, and the actors behind the projects.


“We also look at some compliance issues, like the actors behind it and any kind of criminal history and things like that. If we believe it meets our listing standards, which is basically a test of legitimacy and everything to protect our customers, then we want to list it because we want to be on the market. the school at that time decided.

It's like Amazon or something like that in that a product can have three stars or it can have five stars, but if it starts getting one star continuously, it's probably cheating or faulty or something and maybe Amazon will remove it . Otherwise you want to let the market decide what these are…

I believe there will be millions of these assets over time and so I hope it doesn't make the news every time we add a future asset, essentially."

Aug 28, 2022

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