MetaMask Wallet New Feature: Cash Out Crypto via Bank or PayPal

Crypto Wallet with 22.66M Downloads Launches Feature for User Fund Cash-Out

MetaMask Introduces 'Sell' Feature: Convert Ethereum to USD, EUR, GBP Directly to Bank or PayPal

MetaMask's latest update allows users to seamlessly exchange Ethereum (ETH) into USD, EUR, or GBP based on location. Unlike being restricted to one provider, MetaMask showcases various trusted providers, all meeting its high-quality criteria, for real-time ETH-to-fiat conversions on the Ethereum Mainnet.

To access this, users must first connect their fiat accounts within the MetaMask Portfolio. The transfer duration for funds can vary by provider, possibly taking several days. Currently, only Ethereum conversions are supported, but expansion to layer-2 network native gas tokens is on the horizon.

For now, this service caters to the US, UK, and select European regions. However, MetaMask has plans to roll out globally soon.

Sep 08, 2023

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