The incomplete tightening of Cardano (ADA), the analyst said the person called for cryptocurrency adjustment in 2022

A tightly monitoring cryptocurrency analyst is predicting a sudden shortening of Ethereum's rival Cardano (ADA) (ETA).

The analyst nicknamed Capo, known as the collapse of the cryptocurrency market in 2022, said a strong discount is waiting for many cryptocurrency assets.

According to the cryptocurrency strategist, the protest may be motivated by traders who are betting on the cryptocurrency market to adjust in a straight line.

"The late short shorts are about to be a lot."

Short cutting occurs when traders borrow asset units at a certain price in the hope of lower selling to pocket a difference (short selling) forced to buy back when trading goes backwards their trend again.

In the midst of short -term tightening, Capo predicts Cardano will increase by 20% from the current price of $ 0.43 to $ 0.52.

Source: Capo / Twitter

Capo has the same viewpoint on Ethereum's leading smart contract foundation. According to the analyst, the second cryptocurrency asset according to the market capitalization is considering an increase of 23% to $ 1,800.


still has the ability to press short -term to $ 1,800. Then the new low level. ”
Source: Capo / Twitter

At the time of writing, Ethereum is worth $ 1,453, down more than 2% a day.

Looking at Bitcoin, the famous analyst said the BTC had reached $ 20,000, next he would consider a slight increase to $ 23,000 before another boom to 16,000. dollar.

Capo said that there are too many traders who believe that BTC will surpass $ 19,000 so that the price continues in the trend of sustainability. He said that an unexpected tightening will punish the late -selling sellers in the game.

“Many people expect $ 19,000 than those who expect $ 23,000. Funds say it all. In addition, there are many attractive liquidity above $ 21,000. Squeeze the shorts. ”

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 19,847, unchanged during the day.

Aug 29, 2022

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