Former Director of Metamask wallet parent company becomes new CEO of dYdX Foundation

The dYdX Foundation, which develops the DEX dYdX exchange, has selected one of the former leaders of the Metamask wallet parent company, ConsenSys, as the new CEO of the project.

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Former Director of Metamask wallet parent company becomes new CEO of dYdX Foundation

Charles d'Haussy, who previously spent nearly four years at Metamask wallet parent company ConsenSys with , has become the CEO of the dYdX Foundation. This is an independent non-profit organization based in Switzerland and established to advance the value of the dYdX protocol.


In his new role, Mr. Charles d'Haussy is expected to drive the growth and development of dYdX, the community and the dYdX DAO. According to Arthur Cheong, chairman of the dYdX Foundation board, Mr. Charles d'Haussy's interdisciplinary experience will be valuable to the platform, as the project is in the next phase of development at this time, especially at this time. is to accomplish the goal of “comprehensive” decentralization by the end of 2022.

The move to add senior personnel on the dYdX side is a rather unexpected turn of the protocol in the context of the migration wave of many top leaders in the cryptocurrency industry with increasing frequency when having to facing a prolonged downturn in the market.


On the other hand, this continues to serve as a “strong” proof that the platform stands firmly in the midst of crypto winter, following two notable developments in recent times, the construction of private blockchain on Cosmos and launch an exclusive app on iOS.

Despite such positive updates, dYdX is no less "marketable" when it comes to the decision to block user accounts related to Tornado Cash as well as to request facial recognition scanning. to receive a reward for a brand promotion campaign. Thankfully, the dYdX team quickly halted the program with some satisfactory explanation to fix the problem after being strongly "condemned" by the community.

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Oct 11, 2022

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