Google supports The Merge countdown timer with top investor searches

Google has introduced the latest update to its Google Search product to support The Merge – the most significant upgrade in the history of Ethereum.

Google Supported Countdown Timer for The Merge With Search From Top Investor

On September 10, Google Cloud developer Sam Padilla announced a countdown timer for The Merge event. of Ethereum went live in Google's search engine. Searches for the keyword “Ethereum Merge” will now show users a countdown timer along with hashrate, ETH mining difficulty, and current merge difficulty.


The addition from Google shows that The Merge's popularity is no longer in the crypto "territory" but is expanding in the global traditional financial sphere. In fact, interest in The Merge has exploded over the past month with a series of events and moves large and small from most of the leading crypto companies in the market.

For that reason, Google predicts that Ethereum will continue to be the mainstream in the coming days. To better understand the overview of The Merge, please read the details through the series of articles below:

Interestingly, the attraction of The Merge is not strongly supported and promoted by Sam Padilla personally, but he is just the leader of the development team's idea of ​​integrating The Merge into Google.


“You are the one who made this product right?

It's not just me. This is the result of the whole group. All I did was brainstorm and brainstorm for this campaign.”

However, at the time of writing this article, the search speed from users about “Ethereum Merge” is still growing at a “speed”, peaking in the past two months. For comparison, this topic has received even more attention than “Ethereum” – which has been fluctuating sideways and has a decreasing trend since June 2022.

Ethereum Merge search statistics on Google as of September 12, 2022Ethereum search statistics on Google as of September 12, 2022

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Sep 12, 2022

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