Is New UK Prime Minister Liz Truss a Cryptocurrency Supporter?

At the beginning of the week on September 5, 2022, the UK announced the new Prime Minister and also the third female prime minister in history - Mrs. Liz Truss. From her previous statements, the community suddenly recognized her as a cryptocurrency advocate.

On September 5, 2022, Ms. Liz Truss was announced as Boris Johnson's successor as Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister. She will be sworn in as prime minister in a ceremony in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II on September 6, becoming the third female prime minister in British history.

The UK in particular and Europe in general are facing the risk of an energy crisis, causing the world's rulers to have a headache to find ways to cope.

As a result, the public began to "dig up" her previous statements, in order to find "clues" about the policy she might implement in the future. And all of a sudden, the community found a post expressing their pro-crypto attitude as far back as 2018.


“We should welcome crypto and support it as much as we can, not limit it. growth potential of this field. Let's free up the private enterprise segment by removing the draconian regulations that limit the growth and prosperity of businesses.”

Thus, it can be seen that the new British Prime Minister is a person who wants to reform in the direction of freedom, minimize the harsh regulations that bind businesses as well as have progressive ideas.

In her victory speech, she also said she would launch "a bold plan to cut taxes and develop the economy, as well as deal with the energy crisis". And extending crypto-friendly arms is also a way to help the economy expand its potential for further growth. So the crypto community is very excited with the prediction that she will have an open policy in this field.

In addition, the UK Finance Ministry revealed a plan to regulate cryptocurrencies, preparing to "issue NFT". All these factors leave open the possibility that the foggy country will be the "crypto hub" in the near future.

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Sep 05, 2022

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