NFTs adopted by leading brands demonstrate great potential

The NFT ecosystem has made great strides in the past two years. From a niche technology model to a multi-billion dollar industry, NFT will have dramatic social and cultural impacts in the years to come.

When NFT gained a lot of attention from the community, NFT's applications also began to increase significantly. Content creators and intellectual property rights holders have realized the potential to monetize their IP in ways never before possible. Now it's not just digital artists or NFT traders who profit from the non-replaceable capabilities of the NFT, but comedians, writers, athletes or anyone. Given the incredible value-creating potential of NFT, it's important that we have an overview of NFT's applications not only in the web3 space but also in web2 to see how NFT is evolving. increasingly used as a marketing tool for businesses to build connections with consumers in both physical and digital media.

How brands apply NFT?

The practical applications of NFTs make them the perfect tool to bridge the gap between web2 and web3. Well-known brands have begun the NFT testing process by rolling out encrypted versions of their real-world products and solutions.


After launching its first NFT collection in 2021, US beverage giant Coca-Cola has released a new NFT collection on "International Friendship Day" to continue Continue your web3 journey. The collection will be airdropped to anyone holding NFT out of a total of 4,000 NFTs issued by the brand since joining Metaverse in July 2021. Each NFT has a unique “share to reveal” function where the artwork will only be revealed after the original owner has shared it with a friend.

Coca cola

There are a total of 3,600 owners of the NFTs and are being sold with a floor price of 0.01 ETH. Coca-Cola NFT owners will receive certain rewards and perks, including Coke Studio-powered experiences, participation in game events, and early access to premieres. Coca-Cola Creations limited edition product.


Samsung partnered with Nifty Gateway to develop the industry's first smart TV NFT platform, allowing users to "watch, display, and interact with NFT" on high-end 2022 TVs by Samsung.

Additionally, Samsung Electronics recently partnered with Theta Labs to operate the built-in NFT ecosystem for its new Galaxy mobile phones. Its goal is to provide a gateway between the virtual and real worlds that allows users to interact and use NFT from different partners. Through this agreement, Samsung is innovating the user experience and using NFT as a reward for customer loyalty, and this could be a feature that leads to widespread adoption of NFT.

In February 2021, Samsung also announced its first virtual store, a digital version of its flagship store in New York City on Decentraland, called Samsung 837X. It's an immersive experience that customers and fans alike can discover through quests, NFT prizes, product discounts, event participation, and live performances. To get full access to features, users need to be able to design their avatar, including hairstyles, clothes, and accessories.


In December 2021, Adidas announced their first collection combining digital and physical items sold as NFT in collaboration with some famous names. most famous in the NFT world such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney and Punks Comic.

The collection, called Into the Metaverse, includes virtual wearables that buyers can use on online platforms, in addition to actual clothing to go with it. The NFT Collection goes on sale on December 17 for 0.2 ETH, however NFT owners' digital and physical wearables will be available in 2022. adidas buys NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club is Ape #8774 as part of the launch. In addition to ownership of the APE usage rights, BAYC offers a number of other perks to owners that Adidas will have access to.

Adidas has also acquired a virtual estate in The Sandbox, where it plans to create “exclusive content and experiences”.

The company is positioning the launch of NFT as a way to engage with fans and discover “the forefront of creativity”.


In April 2022, NIKE launched its first NFT collection called CryptoKicks. The collection includes 20,000 NFTs, including one designed by artist Takashi Murakami that was purchased for $134 thousand.

Customers can purchase a “skin jar” to customize their Dunk by changing the color of the Swoosh, sole, laces and tongue. Studio RTFKT designed this collection after Nike acquired the company in December. Nike is hoping its acquisition of the studio and the NFT collection will help them claim their first forays into the projected industry. predicted to be a super-billion dollar economy in the coming years.


Up to now, Lamborghini has launched two NFT collections. The first set is a series of digital postage stamps and the second set is a set of digital space keys. They are currently preparing to launch the next collection in cooperation with NFT Pro and INVNT.ATOM. This collection will be a much larger project and part of a larger effort to cement the company's reputation as the ultimate luxury auto brand among young aficionados.

From August 2022 to March 2023, Lamborghini will launch a series of four NFT series each month for four consecutive days and will be available for purchase in just 24 hours. The fourth NFT will be a limited edition of only 63 pieces. It's a smart approach for its crypto-savvy fans, as the drop's theme this time is based on a fairly popular meme: “wen moon? wen lambo?”

Other luxury car brands are also starting to heavily advertise the NFT as Bentley will introduce the first set of NFTs in September, while McLaren is also planning to make a collection. Audi launched the NFT collection in May 2022 and Porsche auctioned a car sketch as an NFT.


Last year, Gucci teamed up with Superplastic, the world's leading creator of animated celebrities, vinyl toys and digital collectibles to launch SUPERGUCCI. Superplastic also launched the collection with Bored Ape Yacht Club, and raised $20 million in a funding round in October 2021.

On the day of its debut with Superplastic, Gucci promoted the digital Vault, an experimental site that combines historic digital vaults with lab-like creativity.

Combining the NFT launch with the sale of vintage items shows the interplay between innovation and tradition adopted by this iconic fashion house. It emphasizes that welcoming new technologies does not require discarding old methods of commerce, but rather providing new opportunities to improve the consumer experience.

Louis Vuitton

To celebrate the brand's biennial birthday in August 2021, Louis Vuitton, the brand of high fashion and luxury lovers, has launched Louis Vuitton : The Game allows users to accompany a character named Vivienne through the virtual world and rewards NFT players with historical postcards.

Louis: The Game currently has over two million downloads and is available on both Android and iOS. Louis Vuitton's NFT game is constantly evolving and expanding to add exciting new features such as celebrity NFTs and new locations. The brand is targeting new and younger customers with a new approach to its established brand. And with innovative digital applications of its iconic style, Louis Vuitton is doing a great job shaping both the art and the NFT gaming scene.


Lacoste has partnered with Minecraft to launch the first NFT project called UNDW3, described as “a journey that allows community members (Lacoste) to experience time page in a new creative way”. The NFT collection features an image of an alligator, connecting the brand's alligator logo to the web3. The collection of 11,212 NFTs is part of the L1212 polo model, currently listed at a floor price of 0.13 ETH/NFT.

With the release of UNDW3 project, Lacoste aims to be the bridge between physical and digital retail. In addition to owning an amazing NFT, UNDW3 holders will join an exclusive community of Lacoste fans with access to physical and digital benefits. Holders will also have a say in the future of the brand. UNDW3 proved to be a success when the collection was sold out.

Pizza Hut

The leading pizza chain used NFT as a way to share digital assets and connect with fans. Pizza Hut released their NFT in the 1 Byte Favorites project, launched in March 2021, making Pizza Hut one of the first food brands in history to adopt NFT. The world's first NFT pizza is a digital image of pizza slices. Buyers can own a slice of Pizza Hut's Hawaii, Canada or Margherita digital pizza. Buyers can own each byte for about 17 cents on Rarible instead of having to spend 10,000 BTC!


McDonald's releases its first NFT collection to celebrate McRib's 40th anniversary. While McRib is certainly a popular product among official McDonald's products, celebrating MCrib's return with an NFT rewards campaign is an unprecedented move for the food giant. fast.

McDonald's distributed the NFT to fans on Twitter through a lottery draw – 10 lucky winners received exclusive McRib NFTs to add to their NFT collection.

The campaign can be thought of as a test to see how the NFT affects a company's social media following and engagement, and if the results are positive, the campaign may consider expanding the campaign. Using NFT in marketing strategies.

The release of McRibs NFT is not a surprising move, as McDonald's marketing team has clearly been watching the movements of the NFT space as they have been posting trolls of crypto accounts. on twitter before.

Burger King

The fast food giant has partnered with NFT marketplace Sweet to launch the Keep It Real Meals NFT project in September 2021. The campaign featured celebrities like Cornell Haynes Jr, Chase Hudson and Larrissa Macado. NFT holders can call or chat with celebrities and get a burger for a year.

To collect NFTs, users can scan a QR code attached to six million food boxes that are one of the game's three NFTs. When all three NFTs are collected, the customer receives a fourth NFT to create a digital collection. In addition, users can exchange these game pieces with others in the Sweet platform.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell launched a series of 25 taco-themed NFTs in early March 2021. The original NFTs, priced at 0.001 ETH, were sold out in thirty minutes. Resale prices have skyrocketed in some NFT markets, with an NFT even selling for $180,000.

According to Taco Bell's announcement on Rarible:

“100% of the profits from this sale will be donated to the Taco Bell Foundation, Inc. to help young people discover and pursue their careers and education.”


In January 2022, LVMH-owned Hennessy released the first NFT representing physical and digital ownership of the first and last bottles of wine (1 and 250, respectively) of Hennessy 8. , a limited edition of the Cognac house. NFT is sold on BlockBar's marketplace for 70.47 ETH.

NFT buyers also have ownership of the actual bottle, which Hennessy will send to them upon request. Owners can also engrave a personal message on the carafes and visit the Hennessy estate in Cognac, France.

The NFT sale combines the sale of custom physical chests with brass keys, designed by artist Arik Levy. There is also a commemorative sculpture, a Baccarat engraved and blown carafe, a pipette, a cork case and four wine tasting glasses.

Hennessy has another IRL NFT digital initiative in its activities called Cafe 11, which is a partnership with leading DAO organization Friends With Benefits ($FWB). The partnership proposal was approved through an off-chain vote by the DAO on June 8. Collaborations between big brands and DAOs are likely to become more and more popular as brands look to break into decentralized communities.


In September 2021, Bacardi announced the launch of its 5-year Cask Finish Series with the limited edition Reserva Ocho Sherry Cask Finish. This is also the first NFT product in a series of 5 NFTs that Bacardi plans to release by 2025.

Designed by photographer Cam Kirk, the first Bacardi NFT is launched in partnership with NAACP to assist black-owned establishments to obtain liquor licenses.

In October 2021, Bacardi released another NFT designed to support the brand's Music Liberates Music program launched in 2017 to help aspiring artists gain exposure and build their careers. their. The new NFT was created in collaboration with Caribbean producer Boi-1da. Together they selected musicians Bambii, Denise De'ion and Perfxn to create Caribbean-inspired soundtracks and then minted NFT mixtapes for auction.

Snoop Dog x Eminem

 Bored Ape Yacht Clup

Bored Ape Yacht Club made its global television debut last week at the MTV Video Music Awards in a virtual performance, performed by rap icon Eminem and Snoop Dogg on the song "From the D 2 the LBC". Eminem and Snoop Dogg use the IP of Bored Ape Yacht Club at VMA when Yuga Labs, the company behind BAYC, provides them with an NFT ownership license to use images of the NFTs they own.

This year's awards also have a metaverse category, although no blockchain platform was nominated.


The NFT offers many valuable benefits as a unique representation of physical and digital goods on the blockchain. NFT's use cases are still in their infancy, but it's clear that not only games will benefit from this, but businesses and casual players as well.

With the increasing acceptance and understanding of NFT's technology from the community, along with progressive policies regulating its use, NFT will gradually become popular and witness significant growth. tell of the market. Web2 companies are slowly entering the web3 world by using NFT as a bridge to revolutionize branding technology and marketing strategy.

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