zkSync deploys key technology integration ahead of mainnet activation

Ethereum Scaling Solution zkSync has implemented a significant integration for its zkEVM technology ahead of the mainnet launch on October 28.

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zkSync deploys key technology integration ahead of mainnet activation

This integration called “validity proofs” works on the zkSync 2.0 testnet and marks the last necessary completion before moving to the mainnet. This is what Matter Labs – the developer of the project has been waiting for a long time according to its main Twitter statement.

The development step will allow developers to fully test the technology required for many of the network's core functions, such as the generation of proofs, aggregation, and on-chain verification.


Validity proofs are the underlying technology that increases the scalability of zkSync without compromising security. The proofs themselves will ensure the correctness of program execution, the actual state and history of the network. They will then be sent to Ethereum, thereby verifying the correctness of the transaction.

The initial mainnet launch of zkSync will take place officially on October 28. The purpose is to conduct security assessments and tests to ensure that the validity proofs are working correctly. The next phase is Fair Launch Alpha and Full Alpha, where developers will be able to port and develop on the mainnet for further testing in a live environment, which is expected to arrive in late 2022.

Along with the wave of The Merge that has just been activated in mid-September 2022, Layer 2 scaling solutions are playing an extremely important role in continuing to maintain Ethereum support and scalability along the way. Upcoming. Therefore, zkSync is having a lot of opportunities to show itself in the near future. At the beginning of this year, zkSync was poured 200 million USD by BitDAO to develop the ecosystem.

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Oct 18, 2022

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