Top 12 Crypto Affavite Programs That Can Help You Earn Millions of Dollars

Affiliate program for Crypto exchanges (cryptocurrency) is currently quite developed. We all feel that investing in Bitcoin carries quite a bit of risk. So, instead of investing directly, in this article NinhTienIT will suggest you some Top safest and most reliable Crypto exchange affiliate programs. The income of this niche is unlimited, just introduce sharks (Caught Sharks). Making millions of dollars is visible.

Make money with affiliate crypto 

Crypto (digital currency/cryptocurrency/cryptocurrency) is money generated by computer algorithms. The most famous representative of Crypto is Bitcoin.

Similar to some people doing Affiliate Marketing in the fields of education, finance, ecommerce, Making money with crypto affiliates is a person doing Marketing to promote technology products in the field of crypto through an Affiliate link to receive money. get roses. Or by linking partners with other individuals or communities to promote revenue. 

Top 12 crypto exchanges with the best affiliate program

Floor Rose
1.Binance 10-20% Lifetime Commission
2.Coinex 5-60% Lifetime Commission
3.Phimex Up to 50% Lifetime Commission
4.BingX 10-60% Lifetime Commission
5.AAX 20 - 40% 2 tier commission
6.Bityard 40% 2nd floor commission 30% Lifetime Commission
8.PrimeXBT 5 – 20% 4 Tier Commission
9.Bybit 30% 2nd floor commission
10.Huobi 30 - 60% Lifetime Commission
11.Kucoin 45% Lifetime Commission
12.Mexc 20 – 80% Commission

Some of the best Crypto exchanges with affiliate programs include: Binance; Coinex; Phemex; Bingx; AAX; Bityards;; Primexbt; Bybit; Huobi; Kucoin; Mexico.

As a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 in Hong Kong, Binance has rapidly grown to become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world (by trading volume). Binance currently has over 40 fiat currencies; and more than 600 cryptocurrencies for most customers in the world. 

Binance exchange has a lot of tools and trading options for users. The floor is suitable for both novices and seasoned professionals.

Anyone can become an affiliate partner of Binance exchange and then earn 20% commission. This ratio can be doubled to 40% afterwards by holding 500 BNB on the Binance wallet. 

What's more, your referrer can also get a 5%-20% kickback (lifetime discount). This offer helps incentivize more people to sign up for Binance exchange through your links.


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CoinEx is one of the best exchanges for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) pricing assets. The exchange provides millions of customers globally with trusted access. 

CoinEx currently offers more than 500 cryptocurrencies on the exchange such as Avalanche (AVAX), Binance Coin (BNB), Bitcoin (BTC), CET (its native token), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Solana (SOL), USD Coin (USDC), Ripple (XRP), etc.

All trading volume on CoinEx exchange, including perpetual contract trading, spot trading and your referral's margin trading will be included in the total trading volume. Those who make Affiliate for CoinEx exchange can enjoy a referral commission rate of up to 50%. 

The default commission of Coinex exchange is 5%. In order to raise Affiliate commission for CoinEx, you need to meet any of the conditions below: 

  • There is an independent crypto-related media team that can support CoinEx advertising.
  • Have social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Experience and resources related to offline events like meetups and regular fan meetings.
  • Previously had experience implementing, introducing crypto exchanges.
  • Has long-term ownership of 1 venue used to hold CoinEx offline events.

Once you have verified your real name, you can apply to become a CoinEx Ambassador.


Phemex is a crypto derivatives exchange (cryptocurrency) that offers up to 100x leveraged crypto trading on many popular coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and ChainLink

Phemex is also one of the few cryptocurrency trading platforms that can provide users with the ability to create as well as manage multiple sub-accounts on the same trading platform. These sub-accounts can come with many very important features that help traders to better manage their trading accounts. Through these sub-accounts, traders can make changes to their individual account's rights, balance, leverage and margin to better suit their trading execution strategy without affecting their trading strategy. to other accounts.

Anyone can now join Phemex's Affiliate program. No business or website is required, the only thing you need is an email account to receive your referral links and then start earning. The commission you get can be up to 50% Rev Share or $100 CPA and 10% for Sub-Affiliates. You can also get an extra $72 bonus. 


Bingx exchange (or old Bingbon) is the largest leveraged exchange (Margin Trading) in Taiwan. The main product of BingX is Contracts For Difference (CFDs). This is a contract between two parties (taker and maker) that agree on the price movements of an asset.

Bingx exchange allows users to execute contract trades with high speed, safety and low cost on various contract types including indices, cryptocurrencies and forex pairs.

The lowest commission rate of BingX affiliate programs is 0.045% for standard futures contracts; rate 0.02% for Maker and 0.03% for Taker perpetual futures contracts. When you sign up, you can get a bonus of more than 100 USDT. Affiliate BingX cashback commission can be up to 60%. 


AAX stands for ATOM Asset Exchange. The use of LSEG technology in payment transactions helps create the uniqueness of AAX. AAX can handle 60-100k payments per second with extremely low latency. According to some studies, even at 99% efficiency, this exchange can still execute transaction payments at 850 milliseconds (microseconds).

When joining Affiliate on AAX, after your friends sign up for AAX with your invitation poster/invite link/invitation code, you will get up to 20 USDT bonus along with similar contract trading discount spot futures and rebates with fixed savings.

Furthermore, if you finish depositing 100 USDT in 15 days, inviter and invitee can get 2 USDT. If the currency/contract transaction is completed in 15 days (trade amount > 500 USDT), the inviter and invitee will receive 3 USDT. If the fixed savings subscription is completed in 15 days (savings amount is 500 USDT and does not include redemption), the inviter and invitee will receive 5 USDT. If the fixed savings accumulated over 30 days is 1000 USDT or 5000 USDT, the inviter and invitee will receive 5 USDT. 

Finally, you will receive 20% commission on each invited Spot/Future trade and 5% on your friend's fixed savings after each invitee's subscription expires.


Bityard exchange was established in 2019 with headquarters in Singapore. The exchange offers leveraged trading tools for various cryptocurrencies, conducts cryptocurrency exchanges and derivatives trading. Bitcoin is currently leveraged up to 100x, with Ethereum at 80x and with some other altcoins 50x.

Bityard Affiliate Program Commissions up to 40% commission on contracts. In addition, you can also receive up to 2500 USDT monthly salary and many exclusive gifts on holidays.

You are also given priority to experience BitYard products and participate in the Star of the Month program.

Website: floor provides many useful and convenient features for users. You can use Master card, Visa and make bank transfers worldwide. virtual currency exchange helps to support transactions with coins such as EUR, BTC, USD, RUB. Trade interface is also very professional and friendly. Especially they have legal registration license in countries like UK, MSB type in FinCEN.

The Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program includes IO clients, any blogger, publisher, influencer, or content creator with an eligible website/app.

Once you sign up, you will receive 30% commission on all qualified transactions and purchases made by your referred customers over a cookie period of 30 days. You can receive your payment via debit/credit card, Skrill wallet or bank transfer within 14 days after the initial transaction.


Primexbt is an online Bitcoin exchange that offers CFDs and cryptocurrencies for trading on the platform. In addition, Primexbt also allows investors to trade and CFDs and forex, indices and also commodities and energy metals. 

When participating in Primexbt, investors can sell assets. Primexbt has 1:100 leverage for crypto pairs. With certain forex markets it can even go up to 1000. Moreover, transaction fees on Primexbt can also go as low as 0.05 per transaction.

Primexbt's Affiliate Program will provide you with some marketing materials that you may find difficult to find at other affiliate programs. Anyone can join the Primexbt affiliate program. You can start earning instantly with higher conversion rates with just an email address and a valid internet connection.

Primexbt offers a 'decentralized' commission system that ensures you not only earn from individuals who sign up/trade through your connection, but also from referred traders.

You will earn 20% commission from sales through direct referrals made by you. Then for individuals who are related to Primexbt exchange you can earn 15% commission; and this continues until level 4. From the following levels you will earn 5% of the fee they paid.


Bybit is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers spot and derivatives trading. The platform focuses on margin trading and also offers 100x leverage for BTC/USD trading pairs; ETH/USD. 

Bybit is currently looking for KOLs and content creators that align with their values ​​and mission to promote this trading platform.

You will receive monthly commission for all customers you refer Bybit consisting of 30% commission from customer's trade (Bybit) and 10% commission of sub-affiliate.


Huobi exchange was founded in Beijing in 2013 by Leon Li with the main purpose of providing a cryptocurrency trading platform for most individuals in Mainland China and a few other places. After that, Huobi exchange quickly rose to become one of the three largest cryptocurrency exchanges in China, providing ample liquidity to many Bitcoin traders.

Huobi investors can conduct crypto-to-crypto transactions, with a wide selection of supported asset classes at a low cost. The exchange also provides the ability to stop, activate orders, limit as well as future/margin trading. 

When you join Affiliate at Huobi, you will receive a 30% commission on the user's transaction fees. This is also quite a large number.


Kucoin is a large cryptocurrency exchange capable of providing trading, selling/buying cryptocurrencies. In addition, Kucoin also offers Future trading, margin trading and P2P trading. Kucoin users can lend/deposit crypto to earn rewards. The fees Kucoin offers are also quite low compared to some other exchanges. 

The KuCoin Affiliate program allows you to create your own unique referral link, and when anyone clicks on the link and completes registration, they will automatically become your invitee. You will receive a commission when your referral executes one of the transactions: Spot, Margin and Futures.

When an invitee registers a KuCoin account using your Affiliate link, you will receive up to 45% commission from that person's completed transactions; and receive an additional 5% sub-agent commission if you refer someone else to join the program. Each person you invite will earn you a commission for a period of 12 months. After this time, the person you invited will no longer generate commissions for you.


Mexc is one of a number of new cryptocurrency exchanges today when it was established in 2018 (in the Seychelles region of East Africa). Mex is being licensed to operate in four countries including Canada, Australia, Switzerland and the United States. The Mexican exchange has about 371 coins with a standard trading volume of about 4 billion USD. .

Mex's Affiliate marketing program offers a commission for referrals ranging from 20% to 80% depending on the amount of MX they hold. In addition, Mex floor also built a special program for VIP customers with many other privileges.


In short, joining Affiliate for Crypto exchanges also brings a lot of benefits and high commissions. Hopefully through this article, you will choose for yourself one of the Top Crypto floor affiliate programs above.

Oct 01, 2022

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