Aave Protocol: Can risen Whales make a good investment?

Aave Protocol: Can risen Whales make a good investment?

Aave [AAVE] has received a lot of interest in whales over the past few months . More cooperation in the banking and DeFi sectors could be the reason for this new interest. Alternatively, an increase in V3's TVL may generate interest in whales.

However, can AAVE continue to thrive or are the whales just taking a quick dip in AAVE?

It's a HOT SALE party

Santiment, on September 19th, published an insight paper, showing great interest from whales in AAVE. Aave key whale addresses holding between 1k and 1 million AAVE tokens have grown to 54.5%. This is the largest amount these addresses have ever held. 

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Moving on, Aave developer activity has seen a massive increase in the last week. This shows that the Aave team has worked extensively on their technology. Also, the introduction of new updates and features may be recent.


The volume of the token also increased. Volume increased from 70.83 million on September 18 to 123 million at press time.

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Leap for AAVE

Aave has also made significant inroads into the DeFi market. It partnered with Flashstake DAO which will allow users to stake their Aave and receive instant winnings. Users won't have to wait long for performance. 

Aave has also made a lot of progress on TVL, and its V3 protocol has evolved since May. Although there has been some volatility following August's peak of $1.67 billion, TVL appears to be on the way. gain momentum. Additionally, the total current value locked at press time is $1.17 billion.

Source: DeFiLlama

Before entering any trade, however, investors should be aware that there are several bearish indicators to watch for here. 

Aave's social media dominance has dwindled over the past month. This may indicate a lack of interest from the crypto community. Aave's market capitalization has also declined, and this development could be cause for concern for investors going forward.

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Sep 21, 2022

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