Here are some of the top crypto projects to watch for the next bull market, according to Bankless

The Bankless crypto-finance platform details various digital assets and areas that traders might want to keep an eye on in the next bull market.

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Here are some of the top crypto projects to watch for the next bull market, according to Bankless

In a new update to subscribers, Bankless said that while the digital asset industry feels "no rudder" at the moment, the future is bright.

The outlet says it is closely monitoring the trajectory of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling platforms Arbitrum and Optimism (OP), with rumors that Arbitrum may launch a token of its own.

Next on the Bankless list is the compatible blockchain project Cosmos (ATOM).

Bankless says that ATOM is ready for growth, with several updates and projects planned for the near future. An important update will be released in January 2023, which will strengthen and improve network security.

Bankless is also eyeing the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, saying it expects a resurgence later this year or early next year after DeFi and options protocols for NFTs are getting ready develop.

“One area that seems to be gaining significant momentum is options protocols. Benefiting from the increased capacity offered by Layer 2, protocols like Dopex, Lyra, and Premia look likely to grow in the near future, as options become a more important part of the money market structure DeFi's electronic and sophisticated users seem to manage their risk on-chain.

The last sectors on the list are Web3 (GameFi) crypto and social gaming. Bankless says that Web3 social platforms will grow because they are resistant to censorship.

Some of the applications and protocols to watch out for in the coming months are and Lens, as well as DeSo [decentralized society], a layer 1 specifically designed to host social-based applications blockchain. "

As for GameFi, Bankless said the sector could serve as a platform to gain mainstream adoption of NFT, particularly highlighting the success of game-to-win games like Axie Infinity , STEPN and Sweatcoin.

Sep 30, 2022

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