Do Kwon insists he's still not running away from the arrest warrant but refuses to reveal his current whereabouts

Do Kwon asserted that the charges from South Korean prosecutors against him were politically motivated and again stated that he was not on the run from a wanted warrant.

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Do Kwon insists he's still not running away from the arrest warrant but refuses to reveal his current whereabouts

Do Kwon continues to struggle with the Korean government

So, after only 2 months since Do Kwon officially revealed himself through an exclusive interview with Coinage Media to reveal all the facts about Terra's demise, he recently continued directly. spoke out about the recent controversy surrounding her troubled legal situation on the cryptocurrency podcast Unchained, hosted by Laura Shin.


Before going into the content of this talk, please read in detail what Do Kwon shared in the previous volume in August 2022.

Returning to the main topic, Do Kwon first shared with Laura Shin that he was a bit disappointed in the way that Korean prosecutors are trying to create new rules through criminal court procedures, in when that should be in the job description of the legislature or at least the national financial regulators.

In fact, Do Kwon is currently being issued an arrest warrant by the Korean authorities for allegedly violating the country's Capital Markets Act, along with a red arrest warrant issued by the Organization of the Police. International Criminal Investigation (Interpol). The fees stem from the demise of Terra and the UST algorithmic stablecoin, created by his company, Terraform Labs.

“I don't think any of the fees related to the Capital Markets Act are applicable because of the government's stance that cryptocurrencies should not be subject to the Capital Markets Act because they are not. are securities. These are illegal allegations and there is a political motive behind them.”

Besides, Do Kwon claims he has not seen a copy of his arrest warrant or even his personal information on the Interpol website, all the information he knows about the wanted charges comes from multiple sources. different media.

Next, when asked by Laura Shin about his current whereabouts, Do Kwon was somewhat evasive. Because this is also a topic that is "very hot" for the crypto community in the period when there is a lot of evidence that CEO Terra disappeared from Singapore right after the arrest warrant issued by South Korea.

Most of them suspect that Do Kwon is deliberately running away from the prison. However, Do Kwon has repeatedly stated in previous interviews and also on his personal page that he is not running away and is ready to cooperate with the authorities.

“I can answer that, but the point is I don't want a bunch of guesswork about which country and which city I live in. Because this will make it easier for people to find out where I am, putting pressure on me and making it harder for me to continue living a normal life.”

The main reason I don't want to talk about where I live to the media is because when the Terra crash happened in May 2022, there were many instances where I was threatened. Many people have broken into my apartment. Every time I know the place where I live, it's almost impossible for me to live there."

Denying accusations of embezzlement of crypto assets

However, about the rumor that Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) transferred $67 million in Bitcoin to the exchange and created a new wallet after Terra collapsed to "escape", Do Kwon once again denied this event. He argued that just because the funds were transferred to exchange does not mean they were sold.

“There were allegations that we moved LFG funds to Gemini exchange custodial wallets, then OKX and KuCoin. All we do is confirm the transaction with a market maker and transfer the Bitcoins to an address according to their instructions.”

To back up this point, Do Kwon further revealed that he hired an on-chain analytics company to start providing all of LFG's transaction data. In the next few weeks, he will publish a transparent and clear report on the matter.

“There is no embezzlement, theft of funds or anything bad from LFG.”

Finally, Laura Shin mentioned the statements made by CEO Terra and LFG in May 2022 promising to return compensation to LUNA/UST holders prior to the collapse. However, Do Kwon said he wasn't sure how long the process could take and sent the message that people should view it as a "goodwill effort" rather than his "mandatory obligation".

“At present, LFG is not in a position to be able to properly dispose of its assets because we face pending civil action against LFG.”

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Oct 19, 2022

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