Puma launches new NFT collection in Black Station metaverse

“Futrograde” – The latest collection of fashion man Puma will be available in the Black Station metaverse space tomorrow.

Puma launches new NFT collection in Black Station metaverse

In yesterday's announcement, Puma will be offering a limited collection of sneakers in the Black Station metaverse.


The upcoming NFT of the German sports brand's "Futrograde" collection will be presented during New York Fashion Week tomorrow. In particular, these NFTs can be exchanged for physical sneakers.

Adam Petrick, Puma Brand Manager, said:

“Twenty years ago, Black Station was PUMA's home for some of our most innovative designs in fashion. With the boundaries we're pushing from a digital and product design standpoint, we see the return of Black Station as a new portal for innovative digital sports and fashion exploration. our new.” As such, Puma's Futrograde is the latest collection by a luxury fashion brand to release physical products tied to digital assets, known as "phygitals".


In the past time, there have been quite a few names that have penetrated into the field of cryptocurrencies, especially the NFT array. Typically, Swiss watch manufacturer Tag Heuer will integrate NFT into some exclusive models in the near future, crocodile fashion giant Lacoste launches NFT and Dolce & collections; Gabbana has partnered with a digital fashion startup. Many fashion houses have also included crypto as a payment option. Farfetch, Gucci, Balenciaga are just a few examples in this long list.

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Sep 09, 2022

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