Elon Musk declares Twitter's new mission, users start looking for alternative platforms

After the tens of billions of dollars deal "closes the curtain", Twitter officially belongs to Elon Musk, users are now starting to look for an alternative platform because of disagreement with Musk's management views. For example, a social networking site called Mastodon, quite similar to Twitter, is being heavily promoted by the online community.

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The social network says its average monthly users have more than doubled to 860,000 since Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk officially took over Twitter. 

Essentially, Mastodon is like the “same” version from Twitter. With Tweets on Twitter called "Toots" at Mastodon, users can post, reply, like, re-post Toots and follow each other like on Twitter. 

However, Mastodon insists that it is completely separate from Twitter and other social networking sites. Mastodon claims to be a genuine "social network server", not created for commercial purposes and without advertising algorithms or charging $ 8 / month green tick like Musk's new terms.

On November 7, Elon Musk posted a series of tweets declaring Twitter's new mission to be "the world's most accurate news feed". According to Twitter's new boss, he will "democratize the media" and "enhance the voice of the people". However, judging by the reaction, he was not very convincing to netizens and media. 


Because, contrary to his statement, many people believe that Musk cannot "empower the people's voice" while still charging the platform. This is completely pointless and doesn't stop spam/bots as he would like. There have been some suggestions to Musk that it might be possible to charge different levels of vertify, instead of mixing or "saturating" trusted sources and calling it "democratization". 

The controversy surrounding this deal has not stopped even though the deal has been closed, it seems that this is just the "beginning" of a series of days waiting for the difficult "tricks" of the richest man in the world. Most recently, it was reported that Elon Musk was sued for mass layoffs of Twitter employees when he planned to say goodbye to about 3,700 out of 7,500 employees to reduce operating costs. 

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Nov 07, 2022

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